If you say it on a shirt, why not say something else on a hat. It’s summertime and people wear hats to block the sun, and just to look good. We can use one of our hats, or embroider on yours.

How long will your marketing message be out there in front of consumers? A radio or TV spot, about 30 seconds. A magazine ad, about a month. An internet ad? Only for the days you pay for it.

A t-shirt or baseball cap? Years!

I don’t know about you, but I still wear some baseball caps I got 20 years ago.  They say “Nike” or “Lite Beer” or “Joe’s Bar and Grill” and I wear them often. That’s a message that lasts! Branding forever!

We ♥ helping businesses create logos and designs that we put on hats and shirts, for years of branding. If you own a small business in or around Chicago and you’d like to see it grow a little bigger, we can help. Call us at 708-383-4100 and let’s have a discussion about making your brand well-know around town!